Supporting the little steps that make the big things happen

Supporting the little steps that make the big things happen

Stepping Stones

This fun and interactive session is for children, who although they have complex additional and physical needs, have now developed interaction and have emerging communication skills. They are now at the stage where we can encourage them to explore imaginative play and group interaction through music and movement. This moves from the 1:1 support of our Sound Connection sessions to small supported group work, still focussing on the development of specific music skills using immersive music, movement and imaginative story telling. The children who are ready, can attempt the Stepping Stones programme as a bridge between Sound Connection and Chuckle Stars.

Our Stepping Stones Project, currently supported by Youth Music runs on Saturdays, Term Time only. For further information please contact us

We aim to:

  • To reduce the social and emotional isolation of children with complex additional/physical needs by developing Interactive play and imagination skills.
  • To increase independent skills in a group format by developing communication (whether non-verbal or verbal or through images) and interaction.
  • To improve musical creativity, offering musical inclusion, choice, increasing exposure to music, whether individually or within the group format and to increase musical skills.
  • Provide an independent hobby.
  • Have lots of fun with music and movement.
  • Be musically & physically inclusive.

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