Supporting the little steps that make the big things happen

Supporting the little steps that make the big things happen

Our Story

Chuckle began in 2009 when Sara had a glittery acorn of an idea to help families by delivering theatre workshops and family learning sessions. This little acorn grew into a colourful sapling from whose many diverse branches Chuckle has evolved into the remarkable and inspirational organisation you see today.

The Chuckle House is our well-loved space where all the fun and laughter happens, a home from home for many, but at the very heart of Chuckle (along with our Chucklers) are the talented and dedicated Chuckle Team, who through their belief, imagination and hard work over the years have made Chuckle truly extraordinary.

Chuckle has come a long way, but we still have far to go in our mission of using the Arts to help reach and support more amazing and unique children and young people, supporting them to achieve their full potential in any way we can.  

Here’s to the next chapter of our journey!

Our Vision

Chuckle’s aim is for every child or young person to shine as themselves by expanding their horizons, enabling access to new experiences and developing their skills and talents.

“Supporting the little steps that make the big things happen”

Families are at the heart of Chuckle Productions. Our aim is to encourage a child’s natural desire to be creative and curious, therefore developing a greater capacity for learning. Giving children and young people the freedom to explore their creativity in a welcoming and stimulating environment, where they can be themselves, feel safe and not judged.

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