Supporting the little steps that make the big things happen

Supporting the little steps that make the big things happen


The Linked-Up project is a new movement, music and activity programme specially designed and created for use for residents in care homes, supported by the Together Sport Fund. Chuckle saw the impact COVID-19 had on people with dementia in care homes, as sadly due to restrictions, care homes were locked down for longer than most places and restrictions for visiting were greater. This all impacted on the resident’s isolation as they were often unable to interact with many other people.

The programme is structured to help reduce isolation and add to quality of life by allowing the residents to express themselves, boost their mood, and with the aim of increasing interaction/ communication whether through movement, verbally or through art or sensory activities.

Chuckle also aimed to stimulate emotional reactions, using music to trigger memories and reactions to music they may have loved within their formative years, reinforcing their sense of identity which sadly with many Dementia patients is often lost. It is widely thought music improves mood, focuses attention, and soothes deep hidden anxieties, which Dementia sufferers are often unable to express or deal with.

The project is centred on a holistic approach providing a weekly Chuckle led session and then linked activities to be used by carers and families throughout the resident’s week, for example, the use of sensory bags, conversation cards, poems and puzzles, daily living activities, craft and games. Delivery of the Chuckle session is assisted by our young adults with disabilities who are training on our ArtShed project, fully supported by our specialist Chuckle Staff, giving opportunity for work experience or supported work experience places.

Please contact Sara Christie project lead for further information on [email protected]

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