Supporting the little steps that make the big things happen

Supporting the little steps that make the big things happen

Arts Linked Up Programme

Chuckle Productions, in partnership with three local schools with funding from the Paul Hamlyn Trust under their Arts-Based Learning Fund ran the Arts Linked Up Programme. 

The programme is a development and delivery pilot project to work with reception children using visual arts, music, movement and art to develop and embed key skills of child development. The key skills we focus on are communication, attention, social, emotional and physical skills, as we feel these areas underpin a child’s development, so they are prepared for the future demands of school life.

Together we explored whether this fun developmental programme would improve the skill level of children entering Year 1 compared with the existing year group, and also whether this would impact on the amount of rising fixed term or permanent exclusions as well as enabling earlier identification for appropriate intervention as required.

The structure of the programme is a comprehensive two term programme of weekly music, movement and art activities that focuses on key skills, and all activities are developed to work with a range of abilities. There is a training session for school staff on the programme and the key developmental areas as well as to parents on how to support their child’s development through the arts. The project took place in three schools over two terms and was delivered by Chuckle practitioners in the first term and then school staff.

The programme was so successful, we have applied for further funding to be able to roll the programme out further into more schools.

To find out more about the project please contact Sara Christie on [email protected]

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